Process mining for Javascript


PM4JS contains all the process mining code that you might need in a single, portable, Javascript file. No hidden dependencies!
PM4JS can be used to integrate advanced process mining features in your application, without changing a row of your backend!

The PM4JS project is open source, so it can be modified to host even more process mining features!

Here, a CSV log is loaded in the memory of the browser, the Inductive Miner is applied on the log, and the visualization of the resulting process tree is shown. No web service, no trick, just plain HTML/Javascript code! See an example of BPMN model mining from an event log!

The following figure represents the architecture of PM4JS. Objects can be imported/exported, and different algorithms can be applied to them.

The documentation of the product is available in Github and on the documentation page

Projects built on PM4JS:

OCPM is an application, built on top of the PM4JS process mining library for Javascript, which supports advanced analyses on object-centric event logs (process discovery, conformance checking, machine learning).

Main Developer

Alessandro Berti